Monday, December 28, 2009

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  1. your blog looks great, eric! i'm "enjoying" all the writing so far... will take time with each. painful writing, where would we be without it? not writing more posts, probably. this poetry thing is a vicious circle! (just joking, maybe...)

    give it a little time and see if people appear. i'm sure they will. one thing to do is to just hit "next blog", read other people's writings and leave comments. most people get curious as to who left the comment. another is a research box in the header of each blogger page. many people just find you on google by subject matter.

    also you can sign up with feedburner ( and "rss" link on your page. that way you can keep up with all the stats of who is coming, from where, what they looked at, etc.

    i'll send a couple of my friends by...

    one thing you might want to consider. even though the level is low, i was just reading last night that people don't like it when there is an mp3 that plays automatically on a blog; it interferes with their reading. you might turn off the autoplay in the html and just offer it as a link. (they showed how to do that; i think you can find it on google.) while it's interesting, it does seem to get redundant when you are trying to read your writings.

    good luck. i'll be here, pulling for you! can't wait 'til the pier 11 event too. xoxox ~laura